Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Confluence of craziness!

My wife (Shanna) is due any day, I'm moving my living room back into our place (haven't had one since June 29th) and hoping our kitchen will get installed before our son arrives, and I'm planting a church. Yea, I'm bored. Did I mention I'm battling a cold?

I'm a whiner! God is good and I feel is preparing us for something great next year!

Damon and I toured Rio Vista Middle School in Riverpark yesterday. Gym seats 500+. Multipurpose room with stage seats 500+. Facilities are better than anticipated. Now we just have to secure them. Looking forward to what the Lord brings here!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Finished first of three evenings at a Talbot Alumni Retreat here in Costa Mesa, CA. Was introduced to our speakers, Dale and Becky Burke, who wrote the book, "How To Lead & Still Have a Life". I'm here more for the fact that Dale is speaking and that it's $100 for this whole retreat (includes breakfast and dinner!). I would have come if Dale was teaching yo-yo classes because he's a great leader, teacher and man of God. This is a timely topic as Shanna and I embark on a very crazy, busy, unpredictable servant-leadership venture in planting a church. There are at least a couple other church planters here so I'm excited to hear their stories!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Church Planting Day 3

Damon and I met with the Senior Pastor of Camarillo Community Church. He was very excited about our call and invited us to come and share our vision and strategy with their board of elders when we get all of that stuff together.

Damon spoke with Senior Pastor of Carson Valley Christian Center who was very excited about our call to plant and wants to help us in any way he can including personally mentoring Damon.

I spoke with a potential 3rd staff person of our church plant today who said she feels that she is done in her current position. She's taken it as far as she can and is seeking God for a change. I said Damon and I would not be so stupid as to refuse to accept her application in the next few months. She seemed very intrigued... even excited! So we'll see...

Sound Equipment

I really like the digital console, it has helped with saving monitor settings and overall mixes. We currently do not run a separate monitor board.
Sound Mixer - Yamaha M7CL-48
4 Mid-Hi speakers - EV QRX 212/75
4 Subwoofers - EV QRX 218S
3 Amps - Lab Gruppen Fp 6400
Wireless Mics - Shure ULX Wireless systems Wireless In Ears - Shure P4TRE systems Headset Mics - DPA 4066 Snakes - CBI and Whirlwind Cases and Racks - Road Ready

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We're planting a Church!

Last night Shanna, Damon, Janna and I decided that we feel led to move ahead with making plans to plant a church next year. We hope to open our doors next September. With at least 3 preview services through the summer. Lord, I pray that you'd continue to open this door wide.

Damon and Janna we're assessed well in Green Lake, WI. We're meeting with Ralph the senior pastor of Camarillo Community Church tomorrow to talk about their potential role in supporting our plant.

We plan to tell Rob Perkins early next week. Lord, I commit my life and my families into your hands and pray that you would be our provider.

To Your honor, glory and power!