Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jamie O'neal

I don't do this often... in fact I've never done this! I commented on this YouTube video by Jamie O'neal. All these women have commented on it and are gushing about how great this video and message is, yet I've got a HUGE problem with it! I think the artist is talented and the songwriting isn't too bad but the premise is damaging to married women or those wanting to be married.

I'm kinda looking forward to some negative reaction to my comment (I like a good debate)... should be fun! My comment I posted is below. Do you agree/disagree? Why?

"Not to discard the importance of romance in a marriage (it's very important!) but if 'feeling like a woman' is exclusive to 'romance' in a marriage than she's got a very narrow definition of 'woman'. My wife feels like a woman while cleaning house, playing with our kids, making an income AND being romanced by her husband (me!). :) Ladies, please don't buy into what this video is selling!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If the Population of the Earth was 100...

What would a group of 100 people look like if they represented the population of the whole Earth? How many would be like you, or not? Here is an amazing video of what those 100 people would look like.

What surprised you about this video? What are, if anything, are you doing about it?

Friday, March 13, 2009


What's the stupidest, most embarrassing moment you've had? I remember being at a party in 7th grade and I started to play the piano... you know, trying to be cool and show off. I was standing at this piano while I played and half way through a song I felt a draft! I got pantsed! (Is that a word???) My friend (he was my friend before that!) decided it would be funny to whip my shorts to my ankles while my back was turned from everybody. It was funny, but for some reason at the time I wasn't laughing!

Yesterday John Maxwell, the leadership guru guy who has written a ton of books, was arrested. It's actually kind of a funny story. Read the news article first here. Then read his own account of it on his blog here.

I've never been arrested but I've received two or three speeding tickets. Thankfully I have not received any in the last 8-10 years. (Not that I haven't deserved them!)

Anyway, John Maxwell has a much better stupid and embarrassing story than me.

So what's your stupid, embarrassing story?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Orange County Board of Supervisors

It's refreshing to see the Orange County Board make a decision that truly considers the health of all the people in their county, including those outside and inside the womb. Read the article here.

Jon Dunn, presedint of planned parenthood in Orange county makes this contradictory statement:

"It's clear to me that the agenda of Supervisor Moorlach, and the other supervisors' willingness to go along with him, are driven more by a religious ideology than an articulate health policy that benefits the people of Orange County," Dunn said.

Mr. Dunn is not concerned about the health of the unborn and he fails to acknowledge that the source of his ideology is also a religious ideology. Besides that, he uses that term as if it's a negative thing to allow oneself to be driven by a religious ideology. Every person's world view is based upon the object of their faith. And no one can really make decisions apart from their religious ideology, unless of course their religious ideology is purely lip-service and based on image as opposed to reality.