Thursday, October 28, 2010

Currently Reading

I am currently reading a book titled: "How and When to Tell Your Kids About Sex" by Stan and Brenna Jones. If you are a parent this is a must read. It will help you have the 'sex talk' with your kids and will guide you on what to say at the right time. There is a series of smaller books (yellow, red and green books below) that you can read to your children beginning at age three. I'm reading them to mine. It's important that my kids learn about the specific details of human sexuality from me and my wife BEFORE the other kids in their elementary schools. And yes, this is a hot topic amongst kids... I remember kids talking about it when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade. I know this well because I was one of the kids bringing it up.

The importance of this topic stared me in the face today. On the cover of a local Azusa newspaper is a picture of a room full of teen (14-19 year old) moms. I applaud them for their courage in taking on the challenge of being a single parent and rejecting abortion but I bet most of them would prefer a different context for their baby. Our kids are being sold a ridiculous lie from our culture and they are buying it at an alarming rate. Just last week I was volunteering in a 1st grade class. A girl said as a joke after eating pancakes, "My tummy is so full! I have a baby in there." A boy in her class said, "No you're not. You need a boyfriend." I was floored.

This is a topic you need to address with your kids. Yes you will open up a flood gate of questions that might make you feel uncomfortable BUT as a parent you must equip your kids with a healthy and moral view of sex. There is too much at stake here. There are executives making six figures in media offices coming up with powerful and creative ways to tell your kids to become sexually active. Our media talks about sex A LOT!!! Every time the media addresses this topic there is a principle being sold to your kids. Parents must combat these unhealthy messages with continuous positive ones. Saying nothing is wrong. These books can help. I bought them and they're worth every penny.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recruiting New Volunteers

[Please don't tell anybody in my church that I use this strategy. :) ]

I have learned and used this principle over the last couple years. I have always struggled to 'sell' any volunteer opportunities that have a long time commitment. So I started doing something new a couple years ago and have had more success. The best way to recruit new volunteers is to not recruit new volunteers. :)

If I know of a potentially great youth volunteer I won't even mention volunteering. Even hinting at a time commitment is something I stay FAR away from. BUT I will ask if he/she can come and help do X at our Youth Ministry one time. Often the conversation might be, "Hey Jim, can you come and help set up some equipment on Wednesday night? My regular guy is away and I could use you to fill in." Jim is way more likely to say "yes" to this question compared to this one: "Hey Jim, I think you'd be a great youth leader. Would you consider joining our team?" That's way too big of a sell.

One night + easy service opportunity = Very easy sell.

Then, if I felt Jim had a great time and we enjoyed having him, I may ask him to come back again another time. After that I may go in for the "kill" (ask for longer commitment). But that ask is always after he has had a couple times to experience our ministry. Let the Youth Ministry sell itself by getting Jim there once.

The principle:
Never sell a commitment without a context.

Get your whole team doing this and watch your new potential volunteers come to you!

Have you struggled to sell a commitment?