Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Narrow Way

Christmas is a reminder about what the Bible calls the narrow way to eternal life; aka: heaven. It's really offensive to those who would rather blaze their own trail... but the offer is still on the table for even those people while they still have breath in their lungs. Congress proclaimed Christmas a federal holiday (Holy Day) in 1870. As a nation we have chosen to take a day off of work to commemorate the birth of the narrow way; aka Jesus Christ. Pastor Stephen Furtick has written a short article with good insight on the narrow way Jesus saw the world. Read it here.

I haven't read his book yet... but I'm going to soon. I'm sure it's great. Look at all the positive reviews it has on amazon:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Evil & Sin

I am reading Doctrine by Mark Driscoll. Here is a great summary paragraph of four essential Biblical truths on evil and sin:

1. God is fully and continually all-powerful.
2. God is altogether good and there is no evil in him whatsoever.
3. Evil and sin really do exist.
4. Sinners are fully responsible for their sin.

I think if God did not author the Bible at least one of these four truths would be omitted. That way we could either keep a handle on God or our sin problem. Since I can not do either I'll raise a white flag of surrender and rely on God's solution to sin. Mary delivered a baby in a dirty manger and that baby delivers sinners from the wages of their dirty sin. Hmm... that's the true meaning of Christmas!