Friday, April 13, 2007

"I climbed up the chains!"

Today right before dinner Carissa and I walked to the park. She told me to "Go sit on the bench"... I sat nearby on the grass. She proceeded to climb up the chain to the top of the park slide apparatus. She made it all the way... she was so excited and I was so excited for her. I clapped and yelled, "Good job!!!" I could see the power of my encouraging words fill up her tank to overflowing as she was glowing with pride and excitement! She quickly went down the stairs to conquer the chains one more time and then a third before we went home. Lord, thanks for the gift of seeing Carissa conquer her fear and develop!

We just got back from a walk... Momma snoozed as she was feeling naseated. While carrying Carissa I stepped in a depression in the concrete and rupped skin off my big toe... ouch! I went over on both ankles too and almost fell to the ground. Thank God I didn't! Carissa was so concered for me... she asked to kiss my owee... being a little too bloody and on a stinky toe I told her she could kiss my cheek instead... nope, she insisted on the toe... though I never let her... yuck!

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