Friday, February 8, 2008

Went to 'Sac' yesterday

Went to Sacramento (actually, Elk Grove) yesterday for a GHC Network cluster meeting. These guys are serious about church planters and serious about supporting them. We inked a partnership deal with them and I look forward to a great relationship with them. They have committed to match up to $75,000 of what we raise for the church plant and they are very excited (and flexible) about the possibility of us becoming a strategic partner with North Point. I met Paul Borden - I've heard that he is a man that God has used to turn around a whole region of churches in just 10 years. Being with him for an hour confirmed that he could do even more than that! He is a passionate fire-ball for Christ and doing things right in an organization! I haven't read it yet, but I believe his book "Hit the Bullseye" explains how he transitioned a plateaued region into a thriving region.

Review of my first flight on Southwest airlines yesterday:
1. Boarding was fast & efficient and no assigned seating. (Thumbs up)
2. Left and arrived on time. (Thumbs up)
3. Flight attendants were casual, even funny, yet still got the job done... even more effective than other airlines. I paid attention more to the safety instructions because I was anticipating another clever joke. (Thumbs up)
4. Not one but two small packages of peanuts! :)


Micah Foster said...

let me know if you guys goes the strategic partner route...I've got some friends that want to be involved in one on the west coast.

James said...

Will do!