Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My son will be 12 in the year 2019. Dang that sounds like a long time from today! Yet, my son will only be 12 then. That is so far in the future!!! 

Anyway, I wrote my son a letter today. He is not to open it until his 12th birthday in 2019. So what do you tell your son today who will read your words 12 years from now? I basically told him he is very loved and brings joy to our family. I told him to follow God despite the church and despite his family. I told him to laugh at himself. I told him to give himself to others. I told him to read a few books. I told him to respect and care for the ladies in his life and to not date until he's old enough (or almost old enough) to get married as dating leaves one with two choices: break-up or get married... so why not wait? I told him that he'll mess up in life yet God will always accept him back. 

So I realize that I'm writing him a bunch of random pieces of advice I'd like to pass to him and that maybe Solomon did the same thing at the birth of his children and we now read it as the book of Proverbs. I know he did write it for his kids, but I wonder if he did it years in advance... just a random thought flying around the cranium today.

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