Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twitter in Church

I recently went to Catalyst West Coast where they posted twitter comments by the crowd on the big screen. It reminded me of Junior High summer camp. The last evening of camp as 500 students are gathered for the last meeting they get the opportunity to stand up and share in front of their leaders and peers. Sometimes you hear some amazing things that students had learned that week and how they plan to change the way they live once they get home. But there is always that one kid who is short on self awareness. He stands up 4 times and stretches the 2 minute time limit each time to go on about things he made up on the spot just to get chance to get up and talk one more time. I think that kid grew up and was tweeting at the conference.

Time magazine just did an article on a church that uses twitter in their worship service. What are the benefits and potential problems using twitter at church? Do you think this is the next big thing in church?

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Miss Mae said...

Hey James! So Glad your on blogger! Miss you guys!

p.s. I heart twitter.