Thursday, November 3, 2011

Louis Zamperini

I am typically reading two books at a time. A leisure book and something that will advance me... usually some kind of leadership book. The leisure book I'm reading now is blowing me away. It's about this Olympic athlete named Louis Zamperini. He was a WWII prisoner of war survivor who spent 47 days afloat in the pacific after crashing his bomber and then was picked up by the Japanese and sent to a POW camp. I was reading it late late last time (again!) and I'm 90% through it... this book is written so well and the story so gripping that I woke up and told my wife I feel like I just got freed from a POW camp!

I actually started reading this book in the summer. I couldn't put it down... and then I did something totally stupid. I left it at this campground near Nelson. I was so mad!!! I was planning on buying another copy because it was that good and just last week I see it sitting on my boss' shelf... I quickly asked to borrow it and actually found where I left off two months later.

Anyway, if you're whining about life and feeling sorry for yourself pick up this book. It'll smack you upside the head and remind you to lean into your (small) challenges in life. If Louie could get through what he did (with God's help!) so can you.

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