Saturday, December 9, 2006

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Shanna and I decorated our condo today. My fifth time to do so here in the 'southland' where the palm trees are covered in foil and red ribbon (This Canadian will never get used to that!). There is something special about this time of year as I set up Christmas lights to match the 'pritteee liiights' (as Carissa says) across the street. Our real Christmas tree is decorated nicely and fills our condo with a natural pine smell. Carissa is in her first Christmas musical with her 2 year old classmates next Thursday. She has been practicing seeing "Mary had a baby boy" to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb". It's priceless and a slap in the head with regards to how fast she is growing up.
God is good! The local high-school is selling Holiday (Holy Day) trees and Wal-Mart says "Merry Christmas". I even saw "Merry Christmas" at the Post Office... a government run organization! We are off to see Santa Claus lane in Oxnard and tomorrow kicks off 2 of 4 "Christmas Shoes" musicals I play a part in... it's Christmas indeed.

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