Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chapter 2 notes

Pg 37 “If the what is unclear, the how is not even on the radar.”

“What is our process for discipleship?” How would random people in our church answer this question?

Pg 38 Make the purpose the process.

Pg 41 “1st Church Programming: 1. Sunday morning worship service 2. Sunday night service 3. Sunday School 4. Discipleship Classes 5. Small Groups 6. Tuesday morning men and 7. women’s meetings 8. Thursday night visitation

FBC's Programming:
1. Traditional Service
2. Contemporary Service
3. Sunday School
4. Kidstuf
5. Small Groups
6. Bible Studies
7. Choir
8. Christmas Musical

Pg 42 “What is the program that you expect the majority of your guests to attend?” “What program do you teach your people to invite their friends and neighbors to?”
“What program do you attempt to move new members or guests to?”

Pg 46 “Simple churches don’t spend extended time on scheduling (calendars) but evaluates how the weekend worship services are working as part of the discipleship proces.”

Pg 47 Numbers at a Simple Church are evaluated based on horizontal movement through a process. A non-simple church looks at overall attendance.

Pg 49 “Simple Churches respond to needs in the congregation through existing programs. They deal with marriage issues in their small groups without hosting a weekend seminar.”

Pg 51 “Staffing the ‘best’ may result in multiple ministry philosophies on staff. Simple church hires those on board with discipleship process. Be more concerned with a united staff than an ‘all-star’ one.”

Pg 55 “Simple Church announcements are about movement to the next step.”

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