Sunday, March 9, 2008


Transition is a one time event and a process. I officially transitioned out of FBC 7 days ago. I am now officially the Executive Pastor of a church plant. My heart, thoughts and prayers are firmly planted in both places. The counter-intuitive part for me is not so much the thoughts and prayers part but the heart. The emotional desire to see the best happen at FBC with so many families that I truly feel are part of my own family... but now I have no 'official' role to play. Weird, strange, helpless, confusing, even grief... all a human emotional response. But God calls me (and you) to trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding... or even my own insight into my own emotions. I imagine this is very similar to the experience a parent feels when their children begin to leave home.

I am very excited about the new leadership God has drawn to my (former?) family (FBC) and the newness of vision, passion and strength of that team. I pray that their relationship with God is current, passionate and lengthy so as to be His staff in His place in His time.

Transition. onto being His staff in His place in His time at RPCC!

"The Lord is my Shepherd..." the shepherd of my transition "...I shall not want."

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