Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jamie O'neal

I don't do this often... in fact I've never done this! I commented on this YouTube video by Jamie O'neal. All these women have commented on it and are gushing about how great this video and message is, yet I've got a HUGE problem with it! I think the artist is talented and the songwriting isn't too bad but the premise is damaging to married women or those wanting to be married.

I'm kinda looking forward to some negative reaction to my comment (I like a good debate)... should be fun! My comment I posted is below. Do you agree/disagree? Why?

"Not to discard the importance of romance in a marriage (it's very important!) but if 'feeling like a woman' is exclusive to 'romance' in a marriage than she's got a very narrow definition of 'woman'. My wife feels like a woman while cleaning house, playing with our kids, making an income AND being romanced by her husband (me!). :) Ladies, please don't buy into what this video is selling!"

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