Sunday, April 12, 2009

River Park Egg Drop!

Yesterday was REEEEEDICULOUS!!! We had over 4,000 people show up to!!! The people just kept coming and coming and coming! We advertised registration opening at 10am and people started to line up by 7:30am!!! My wife was in charge of the registration team of about 16 people. They did a phenominal job at getting 4000 people registered and gave all the kids wristbands within about 90 minutes.

Ventura County Star did an article on the event today. You can read it here. Make sure you read all the comments below. Some of them are a little dramatized but they'll help you get a feel for how CRAZY it was! Most people actually did have a great time but we sure learned a lot and if we do it again next year we will definetly be better prepared. It was so funny when the helicopter arrived... all the parents pulled out their cameras and video cameras like they have never seen a helicopter before. (They fly over many times a day around these parts!) The helicopter did about 4 fly overs before he dropped the 2,000 eggs. We advertised 10,000 eggs but the helicopter couldn't hold more than 2,000. Who knew?

Bottom line: it was a typical Easter Egg hunt (Ok, a helicopter is not so typical)... took a lot of time to plan and about 90 seconds to finish and there are always kids (and in this case parents!!!) who hog a ton of eggs and kids who get none. It's really a great activity to test (and teach) a child's character! We were honored to be able to bless our community with such a fun event.

If you ever want to plan an event like this in your area, I'd be glad to share with you how we put it together (and the mistakes we made!). We are now praying that many people who showed up would come by over the next few weeks and grow in their relationship with God.

-Stay tuned, I will post pictures and a YouTube video soon.

What did you do for Easter this year?

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