Monday, October 27, 2008


My ears are ringing! Just got home from a band rehearsal and we were way too loud!!! We are heading into our third adult worship experience this Sunday. This past week I have felt like somewhat of a routine has come about with my responsibilities... it's been since March since I've felt that. I won't last long though, we'll be shaking things up real soon as we try and figure out how to pull off an Adult Worship Experience and Kidstuf on the same stage with minimal turn around time. It's going to be a challenge but with the type of people on our road crew and tech teams we'll figure it out. It means striking a stage with a band and rear projection screen and setting up the Kidstuf set in ideally 15 minutes! I can't get my head around the 'how' right now but then again a year ago I could hardly get my head around planting a multi-staff church yet somehow the doors have opened.

Our set list this Sunday is: 1. You Are (Todd Fields) 2. No One Like You (David Crowder) 3. No Other Name (Todd Fields)

I ran a very slow 3.5 miles this morning... it was freezing! ...And I had to run on pavement which I can't stand... hopefully my knees won't be hurting in the morning.

I've been inspired by two things this past week. 1. This is a russian .mp3 site where the songs cost .15 each and whole albums are even less! This site is the perfect marriage of my love of music and being frugal (my wife uses the word 'cheap')! 2. I came across the song 'Stolen' by Dashboard Confessional. I know nothing about this band yet found this song and can't stop listening... it's a simple lyric about a relationship but I love the structure and integrity of the music, melody, instrument 'color' and atmosphere created by the vocal mix... it's an expected/unexpected song with a killer hook.

Oh... Disneyland last week was fun! We spent Wed and Thurs there and the lines were small. In fact Shanna and I walked on space mountain twice! I'm used to spending 90 minutes in line for that thing... we walked on twice!!! I'm still in shock. It's fun getting to know the exact moment the camera take a picture of you so you can come up with the dorkiest face... speaking of frugal (cheap!) I didn't pay the $15 for the picture after our ride... I just took a picture of the screen with my cell phone. :) Maybe I'll upload it on a future post.

Past my bedtime...

So if you HAD to choose, would you rather be Joe Biden or Sarah Palin? Seriously, who would you rather be right now and why?

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scott tanksley said...

James, "Stolen" is one of our favorite songs! My wife absolutely loves it. Actually, their whole album "Dusk and Summer" is great. Awesome chorus that starts at about 2:53 on "So Long, So Long". Wish I could sing.