Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adult Worship Experience #1

This morning went well at our first adult worship experience at RPCC. I liken it to driving a different car than you're used to... you're a little too heavy on the brake/gas and it causes some awkward jerky moments, turn the wiper on when you meant to turn on the cruise control, and generally are not efficiently/smoothly controlling the vehicle like your previous one that 'fit like a glove'. I personally felt that way but the feedback from the few folks I talked to said it flowed quite well. My in-ear monitor worked 20% of the time... and when it was it was distorting and static! After removing them I heard 100% drums and nothing else... there's most of the awkward jerky moments for me.

We had new Upstreet children environments to set up, a borrowed trailer (we need to buy a second one!), oodles of new pipe & drape (that looked awesome... yea 'sweat shop' sewers who pulled this together in two days!), new 'in ear' monitor system, new lights/board and a new adult worship environment! Considering all that, I'm proud of what our team pulled off and how hard our volunteers worked. Many started their day at 5:30am and didn't go home until 12:30pm!

I'm praying our folks step up to John's challenge... in fact, I'm even praying I step up to John's challenge and get on with investing and inviting! Looking forward to some great stories of spiritual growth this fall. Ended a great day with our small group meeting in a coffee shop. So good to connect with great friends, coffee and conversation to end the weekend.

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Meagan said...

hopefully you didnt forget your lines from any of the songs! haha just kidding. im sure you did just fine. :)