Friday, October 10, 2008

Trailer #2

[Yesterday ran 3.94 miles in 30:48]
If you've been following my blog for a few months then I have a confession... all the run times I posted in August (and probably a month or two before that!) were a LIE! Not on purpose... here's what happened: my stop watch's battery was almost dead... and was keeping time slower than reality. :( So, I'm much slower than once thought... whatever... time means nothing to me!

I just purchased RPCC's 2nd trailer. In the past week or two we have finally gathered together all our equipment and it didn't all fit in our 24 foot trailer. Now we have another and I'm looking forward to getting all our equipment in the right trailer, mapping equipment placement and getting more intentional about how we unload/load.

I am sooo looking forward to Kidstuf #3 on Sunday!!! Praying many faces I've seen the last two show up this Sunday and that relational bridges continue to strengthen!

Gotta go and watch a recorded episode of "The Nanny" with my mother-in-law... at least it's not "Texas Walker Ranger" anymore! :)

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john alan turner said...

dude...walker texas ranger starred chuck norris -- a man so bad he was allowed to write and sing his own theme song!