Friday, January 19, 2007


Father, I pray you would use me to carry your Word and message of salvation to multitudes of people!
Damon called yesterday and said he had a meeting with Ralph... the Pastor of Camarillo Community Church. Ralph said they've been planning for a year to plant a church in Oxnard area and are looking for leaders to make that happen. That's potentially incredible! He recomended a next step for me, Damon, John Turner and our wives to go to the Baptist Church planting assesment center in Wisconson! Lord, I pray that you'd give clarity and open this door if this is your will. Ralph is going to be at North Point in three weeks and Damon will try and get him and John Turner together for a meal. Lord, I pray for something big to come out of this. I pray for John Turner and that you'd guide him out to this area to plant a church.

Father, I want to be part of an effective team focused on reaching out to the community... I love the people here at this church Lord, but if you call me elsewhere, I'll follow.

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