Monday, January 8, 2007

Prayer & Treasure

Jan 8, 07
I'm speaking to my students on prayer this Wednesday. I'm sticking to a great format that I've used many times successfully in my own prayer journey... ACTS. We're actually going to take time to write out a prayer journal to God at the end of my message. My goal in speaking is to not just be a talking head but to cause my students to learn by modelling and getting them to practise what I teach. Lord, I pray for fruitfulness this Wednesday!

On the 28th I speak in the three main services on treasure.... where your treasure is there your heart will be also. 2nd time ever in the pulpit here at first Baptist and I'm talking about money. Lord, teach me this month. Overflow my cup with your wisdom in this scripture and help me draw out your principles in a creative and memorable way for people to remember.

Wow, it went up to 29 celcius today... in January! I ran at the beach... it was glorious! The tide was high though, so it ment trudging through softer sand. Slowest time yet, but I still completed it! Yahoo!

A little pooch ran past me... I said 'hi' to him... he glanced at me quickly but then swung his attention to his master right away. Something I need to do with distractions lately... swing my attention away from them and to my master.... Lord, thanks for using a dog to teach me today.

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