Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Change is here...

Well, today I found out that our H.S. Pastor is going to be done at the church in less than two months... instead of the expected 5 months. That's pretty darn quick. The Elders pushed the date up so they can release him to fully concentrate on his church plant. That was a shock to him... and the whole staff. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the CMT (Co-Management Team) to discuss my role. I'm guessing that I'll be asked to take over high school as well as middle school. That's big to me... I'm feeling stressed and nervous about the conversation already... why? Cause change is change which is change and that means change.... uneasiness and less control and many unknowns etc... also, I question whether I'm the guy for the job. I question how this will work structurally. I question whether I can relate well to high schoolers. I am wondering whether this is a time the Lord is releasing me to another church.

Lord, give me wisdom and discernment and courage in the coming days. Lord, give me the right words to say during the coming crucial conversations.

Came home with Carissa's 'big girl' mattress today. $99.00 from the Ortho Mattress place on main... good price. I hope she's comfy on it! We'll try her out on it this Friday night. Tomorrow we go to an LA Kings Game and Carissa is spending the night at the Yanez's house. Should be fun!

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