Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barlow Girl

Went to see Barlow Girl last night with Jimmy Needham and Brooke Barrettsmith. They did a great job with the place about 85% full. Unfortunately the sound was not good at all... all that great equipment and talent but with a messy, mushy sound that hid the vocals too much. I think the most important position in any band is the sound guy. He can make a band sound better or worse than what they are. Nonetheless, very cool to see all these women rockin out for God and being transparent with their life struggles and encouraging the teen girls in attendance with their own struggles. I'm looking forward to taking my daughter to a Barlow Girl concert when she is older... hopefully they're still cranking out the tunes in 5-6 years!

Tomorrow is our 2nd Kidstuf. Hoping and praying that many new folks come out and many returners from two weeks ago. I was reviewing the songs and my four year old daughter looked at me with excitement and said, "Dad! Is that Kidstuf?" And she started singing and dancing and getting very excited about going to church in the morning. How cool is that! My 4 year old is excited about church! That's great! I hope we can continue to create entry environments with excellence and relevance for each life stage as my kids grow up!

Recommendation: I took my family to the Padaro Beach Grill in Carpenteria. I'd give the food a 6 out of 10 (very healthy but my sandwich was kind of bland) but the location was awesome... on the beach, by the train tracks, sand play area with lots of toys for the kiddies. If you're ever in the area and are hungry go there... and take me with you. :)

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