Sunday, September 7, 2008

3...2...1... BLASTOFF!!!

I've committed blog world sin by not posting lately!!! We are officially launching RPCC this Sunday at 10am. As in any new start up, we are B-U-S-Y! We bought a 24 foot enclosed trailer yesterday for $3900. A really good deal! We bought it off a guy who builds movie sets... he helped built sets for The Chipmunks movie. Only in Socal! This week we test-drive our new tech equipment, practice our songs, moves and scripts to get set for our first Kidstuf production this Sunday. I'm praying God brings many families from the community out and new friends are made.

I started our first of 7 community 'Turbo' groups today. The rest will begin in the next few weeks. We are all meeting through December (hence 'turbo') and then we'll have an event called GroupLink where we'll 'shuffle the deck' and invite all the new folks who come this fall to form new groups that will stay together 12-24 months. After that we shuffle again. Our goal is to have groups long enough to build authentic community but to not stay together for years and years in an exclusive "clique" so we're always providing opportunities for 'outsiders' to join our groups. All our 'turbo' groups will be going through Starting Point so they will have experienced what they will be inviting their friends to in the near future.

Tonight our staff met with 30 folks from Camarillo Community Church and shared about our mission and asked for help. The Pastor of this church, Ralph Rittenhouse, is one of my heroes. I truly respect this guys leadership. He invited these 30 folks and was there himself... a senior Pastor encouraging folks from his own flock to go and help another church get started!!!??? This guy is truly KINGDOM MINDED and not address minded! Our goal with RPCC is to follow in his footsteps and one day help other churches get started.

If you're plugged in at a church are you helping to start new churches in your area? Why not?

I need your help this Sunday. If you live in the area (of willing to come to the area!) come help us unload our trailer and set up at 6am. What better things do you have to do at that time!!!??? :)

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