Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Federal Government Economic Stimulus

I understand that anyone who made a wage last year would get $600 from the feds. Yet my wife and I only received $600 together. We filed jointly last year... is that why we didn't get $1,200? Why would the feds discriminate against marriage? Is that what's happening here or am I missing something?

Did you and your spouse only get $600? Let me know if there's any point trying to get that $600.

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Nathaniel Dame said...

You should have gotten $1200, $600 for each you and your wife. But there was some fine print I'm sure so there might be a special case that didn't let you qualify. I think it was also based on income?

I'd say it's definitely worth checking in to--I'm sure the IRS site will have some things for you to read through. Good luck!