Monday, September 8, 2008

Church Growth - Jewish Style

Check out this church growth plan by Jews in Dothan, Alabama. Instead of sharing their faith with the community they're bringing 'insiders' of the faith to the community to grow their churches. And they get $50,000 to come!!!

Interesting. Some folks do interesting things to grow their churches. I could chalk it up to how folks think in the south but I know that's not how they think. There is an incredible church called Wiregrass Church right in Dothan that is one of our partner churches. I've even known some churches that have as their top strategy a name change. And the people were banging down the door after the change!!! not. The best church growth strategy is to bless your community in the best, simplest way possible in a language (style) they understand. Simple but not easy.

What interesting things have you seen done under the banner of "Church Growth"?

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Tank said...

Too funny James. I just read that same article and forwarded it to Troy. Excited to see you guys soon. Hope you're staying sane.