Thursday, August 28, 2008

Improve Your Life #3: First Three in the Door

I forget where I heard this from but it's been powerful in my life and I have confidence it will improve yours.

After a long day at work (or elsewhere) when you get home pay attention to the first three minutes through the door. Check your actions, attitude and speech. Is it positive towards or negative towards your family? Often how you are in the first three minutes will become a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' of the rest of the day. If you come home and look for things to criticize you'll be setting yourself (and your family) up for a potentially frustrating evening. Try being a blessing to your family no matter how you feel and see the difference it makes.

Ever since my kids where first born, I would come home and make an extra big deal about seeing them... kind of like a person who hasn't seen a loved one for months! It's kind of silly, but it's soooo worth it when my oldest reciprocates that by saying with the biggest smile "Daaaaaaaddy!!!". Sometimes she'll run and jump in my arms delivering the biggest hug her toddler arms can muster. And of course, if my wife is in the room she gets the first hug and kiss! Security in a child's heart is developed immensley when they see mom and dad express their devotion to each other.

What has been your experience with your "First three in the door"? Share your quick story of success or failure (I've had a lot of stupid failures too!!!).

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