Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in Cali!

After driving 2700 miles this past week my family and I are back in Southern California. It's been an incredible 6 weeks away. We spent two weeks traveling and four weeks living in Alpharetta, GA so I could participate with Damon in an internship at North Point Community Church. We spent 6 days a week preparing to become a strategic partner church plant of North Point. Our whole purpose for this adventure is to lead people into a growing relationships with Jesus Christ. There are many ways a church can do this and N.P.'s model is one of them. I personally think it's a very effective ministry model. Why? Because it's about removing obstacles between people and their Creator by creating a few excellent steps (environments) towards spiritual growth which we define as: 1. Intimacy with God, 2. Community with Insiders, 3. Influence with Outsiders.

So what's our next step? Our strategic calendar is in place and we just have to work it.

I'll keep you posted with how that calendar plays out...

When you think of your local church what are the things you observe that could be an obstacle between you and God? For you regular church goers, you may have to think a little harder. :)

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jeff@sally said...

I have memories of the Bella Nagori Inn (sp?)in Ventura. We had our honeymoon there and walked down to the pier the next morning. :) I grew up in Calabasas...not to far. Hope all goes well with the church planting. Yummy strawberries in Oxnard.