Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I'm in Vons in Oxnard about to do some business at an ATM machine and at 11:42am these employees start getting excited. Then I hear "Earthquake, EARTHQUAKE!!!" I look down the grocery asiles and they are seriously swaying. It was very surreal. I look at the floor and could see the ripples as the quake runs beneath my feet. Employees start to run for the front door. I looked up at the ceiling and was wondering if it's going to come down on me.
I then start to literally feel dizzy, kind of like a choppy boat ride or rough airline turbulence. The quake lasted a good 30 seconds. Then I attempt to finish my transaction and a lady comes over the loud-speaker, "Attention, we're having an earthquake." (I'm thinking, "No we're not, it's over.") "Would all customers and employees please make their way to the front doors. We don't want anyone hurt by items falling off shelves."
I keep finishing my ATM transaction then get yelled at from the crowd by an employee. "Person at the ATM, come to the front!" But I'm not leaving without getting my ATM card out of this machine! So I finally get my card out and walk through the crowd out of the store and off I go.

Weird day in Southern California. It reminded me that there are bigger things in life than what the eye percieves and that we're really not in control. And that my life is short and could be snuffed out any time... but not before I get my ATM card! :)

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