Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm ticked off!!! In fact I'm flea ed off!!! My condo is infested with fleas!!! Walked in my place last night and a dozen of those little guys hopped on my legs... lovely, just lovely!!! :( My first day home is spent pouring powder all over my carpet and spending the rest of the day away from home.

I hope those guys enjoy the powder. Chow down guys, chow down!

Last night was kind of humorous. From another room I hear my daughter yelling, "Ahhhh!!! Flea, flea, flea... HELPPPPP!!!" I screamed back, "Slap them sweety, slap them away!!!" Couple seconds of silence... then "Whap, whap, whap!!! I got the flea Daddy!"

(Picture above: Just found this dead flea, HE'S HUGE!!! I'm surprised our cat has any blood left in him after keeping these giants alive!)

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