Friday, July 25, 2008

Southern Potluck!

Tonight the launch team (and anyone else who'd like to come) is gathering for the first time since our return from Atlanta. We're having a southern potluck. I'm excited and afraid about that fact. I now love southern food but while in Atlanta for a month I gained 10 pounds! Too much fatty foods and sweet tea!
I'm excited to reconnect, share our experience and look to what God has for us this fall. Damon's got some sweet creative boards with some pics of our facility to show that gang. Always good to bring visuals to a meeting! I'm looking forward to having my 19 year old cousin from Vancouver, British Columbia come down to visit tomorrow. I think the last time I saw her was when she just started high school... I hope I recognize her at LAX tomorrow!

Question: What is the one thing a leader cannot delegate?
Answer: Putting the right people in the right place.

Have you experienced a leader not doing this? How did it turn out? What else do you think a leader cannot delegate? (There's got to be more!)

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