Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where are we planting?

I am excited to plant a new church in a very cool metro area. Our staff has been referring to it as the "Ventura-Oxnard" Metro Area (pop. 500,000 in a 15 min. drive radius) but the White House refers to it as the "Oxnard-Ventura-Thousand Oaks" Metro Area (Pop. 800,000).

133 churches in our metro area above. A similarly populated area in the south would have about 800 churches. There is definetly room for one more church!

The actual city we're planting in is Oxnard, CA. Honestly, I think it's one of the weirdest city names I've ever heard. Combing the words "Ox" and "Nard" really make an enjoyable moment when that rolls off the tongue! Hence the reason we like to say we're planting in the "Ventura-Oxnard" metro Area. :) The specific community in Oxnard we're planting is called River Park. It's brand new with much of it currently still under construction. The community is located 30 minutes north of LA county (Via the 101 freeway) and smack dab in the middle of Malibu and Santa Barbara (another popular alternative way to describe Oxnard without using the name Oxnard!).

If you're iching to move and not sure where... consider River Park. I think it's price point is undervalued and you'd have the opporutnity for some significant equity in the near future, especially when the commercial area begins to come together. Oh and if you do move, I can recomend a great new church family that needs your help.

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