Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chuck Colson

Yesterday at the Leadership Summit at Camarillo Community Church I was intrigued with something Chuck Colson said. "We don't impose, we propose Christianity to people. We're not about creating a theocracy but freedom."

He went on to explain saying that as Christians we should not be about creating government that enforces laws that 'force' people to worship God. The best government we could create would be one that allows religious freedom because that is what God does with us. God pursues us with utmost passion and sacrifice but never crosses the line of a proposal and into the realm of force (In this life or the next!). He gives room for free will. He gives us room to make our own choice about following Him or following something or someone else (less).

I think in the last couple decades our country has made a move away from freedom to forced agnosticism or atheism... because those are the two most non-offensive faiths right? What do I mean?

I remember taking part in "Christmas Pageants" in elementary school. Makes sense to me, our foundational faith in this country that we build this place on is the Christian Bible and the principles found within that good book. Plus our official Holiday on December 25 is spelled "C H R I S T M A S". But now we have found ourselves in the "Winter Concert" era because the government doesn't want to offend and impose Christianity on anyone. My guess is that the word "Christmas" will soon be replaced with something else to describe December 25.

Let's talk about that word "impose". When does a person cross the line from a "proposal" to imposing their beliefs on another? How have you navigated this in the past?

(Invite: I'm leading the band at Catalyst Ventura tomorrow morning at 9:30am. If you're in the area come on out!)

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