Thursday, August 7, 2008


"Vision leaks". An axiom by Bill Hybels. He explains vision casting by imagining a bucket full of water with holes in the bottom. The water is slowly leaking out. To keep the bucket full you must regularly put more water in. Vision leaks too. You must continuously keep vision before the people. I like it! I had dinner with Larry Brey (from Elevation Church) and he put a metric to how often you need to add water. He said any meeting a leader has with individuals or groups at least 50% of the information is about vision and 50% is tactical. It almost seems too simple or too good to be true, but that's half the battle in life... remembering why we do what we do.

God constantly reminded the Israelites that He is the God who brought them up out of Egypt. (Remember???)
I need to remember why I live (To love God... and therefore everyone else on my travels)
I need to remember why I'm a married (To serve and love my wife)
I need to remember why I'm a Daddy (To invest [teach, model & pray] and care for my temporary gifts from God --> they are on loan from God so I better take care of what's not mine!]

Vision leaks because memory leaks. Memory leaks because you don't have a system in place. What system do you have in place to remember 'why'? What system do you have in place to remind those you lead 'why'?

Where there is no vision the people perish and where they is no system the vision bucket stays too low for too long! Hmm...

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