Sunday, August 3, 2008


Heard a great sermon from Pastor Ralph Rittenhouse at Camarillo Community Church this morning. The topic was prayer. Without looking at my notes the one thing I remember is Ralph's clever saying "Knees before feet". He encouraged us all to get on our knees in prayer before we take our first steps in the morning. I love this... this is a "structure" issue... or a "system" issue. Jesus first talked about where you should go before he taught how you should pray in Matthew 6:6ff. That must say something to you about the importance of our prayer location!

The Bible talks about "unceasing" prayer... pray as you go, pray during the busyness of your day. This is great, but it's easy to allow this to be the exclusive form for your prayer life. I've often been guilty of this! I want to get alone physically on a more regular basis and pray.

A few things I'm praying for right now?
1. River Park Community Church: We launch in just over a month. I'm praying our equipment, people and finances come together to launch effectively so we can lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. I'm praying for the family of that guy who was beheaded on a Greyhound bus. (Read at your own risk!) Kind of random, but I can't get that out of my mind... very freakish murder and I'm torn up as I think of the pain his family is going through. I'm very thankful that there is a God who will sort all this out in the end!
3. I'm praying for wisdom as a spouse and parent.
4. I'm praying for family friends dealing with a family member who is in the hospital.

So where do you go to pray? Do you struggle with getting alone to pray?

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