Saturday, August 23, 2008

iPod Touch Calendar

Ran 2.44 miles this morning in 13:04. 2nd fastest time yet! :)

It's tough to see but every dot on my iTouch calendar equals a run (including this morning). That's 11 so far this month. My goal is to is to keep filling in more dots and in October compete in this run. So far my knees are doing fine but I've had problems in the past when I was running regularly. Though I don't think I was in as much pain as Carlos. I'm half the man he is... I don't have the urge to run anything longer than 5 miles.

What are you filling your calendar with?

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Toby & Ria @ WTLF said...

Great job on the run brother!! Keep it up. And, really, are any of us half the man of Carlos?? :-)